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Friday, November 26 2010
We have been working very hard to get the PC demo ready for Denizen's Den. A new tutorial has been added to the game, and a lot of fixes and general cleaning up has been done. I will be updating the Denizen's Den portion of the web site with more detailed information as I get things around.
Saturday, November 13 2010
So I have had an interesting week. I built the 1st achievement in the game and have attached it to unlocking a skin. I just need to figure out some more achievements. I met with the founder of BlitWise Productions, the creator of Pocket Tanks and DX Ball. He was nice enough to review our progress and offer his thoughts on the Denizen's Den project. Thank you again for your time, Mike.
Tuesday, November 9 2010
In this case no news IS good news. We have been working very hard on Denizen's Den. So hard I couldn't seem to update this page. Load and save game features have been added, unlock-able game skins have also been added and we will be working on achievements that will unlock these skins. Special levels with milestone enemies have been added to the game. At this point we are trying to get the sound and music content updated so we can wrap up a playable PC demo. More to come soon.
Friday, October 1 2010
We have been very busy working on Denizen's Den lately, not so much on the web site, but the game has grown in leaps and bounds. We have given some of the bad guys projectile weapons, making them really bad guys. We have added more bad guys, which means you need more weapons, so we've added those, too. Our art department has been working overtime to design new level art! We now have different looks for different stages of the game. Check out a sneak peek under the "Games", "Denizen's Den" tab. A save and load game function has been added so you can pick up where you left off.

A lot more is in the works, and I will try to be a little quicker on the web updates. The old arwork has been moved here for anyone who'd like to see it.
Tuesday, August 31 2010
New game elements have been added to Denizen's Den. We have added the foundation for a story line to help bring the game some depth. Treasure chests are currently being added to the list of treasures that your hero can find in the dungeons. We'll post more as we get things done.
Wednesday, August 25 2010
Work continues on Denizen's Den. I've attached a brief game play video if anyone is curious to see how the game is progressing. We are currently working on adding more content and better in game graphics and animation. Sounds and music are becoming a reality as well. I will keep updating as things progress and hopefully more videos of game play will become available as the game evolves.