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Sunday, December 18 2011
Happy Holidays from Flattened Pixel! We haven't even stopped for the holidays in our efforts to get Denizen's Den ready for the XBOX and PC. Things are looking good, and I'll attach a screen shot of the new look.
Monday, September 26 2011
Denizens Den has been getting some improvements to make it a more enjoyable experience on the XBOX even with older standard definition TVs. The PC version is still available for download here so be sure to check it out. Another new project is in the early stages of development, more on that in the future. Dynamite Diamonds continues to evolve and the level editor is currently in development. Keep checking back, pictures will be updated soon.
Friday, July 15 2011
So there was an issue with the XBOX version. I misunderstood one of the requirements, so I had the pull the game from review. The change is not difficult, but I have been out of town so everything has been on hold. So once again we will have to start the review process from the beginning. I'll keep everone up to date as things progress.
Thursday, July 7 2011
At this point Denizens Den is in the review process for the XBOX 360 and we are struggling to figure out the best way to distribute the PC version. For the most part we are done, and happy with that game. So that means we are turning our focus to Dynamite Diamonds. Dynamite Diamonds is still very early in development but we will update with more details as we get deeper into the project.
Friday, June 10 2011
The PC Demo is official! The latest PC version is available to download and you can get it right from the main page. Please let us know what you think! We also have a video. Check it out.
Thursday, May 19 2011
The PC Demo has been available on the site for a while now. If you download it, please let us know if it ran ok for you. Please include system information and OS version if you are having trouble running it. The XBOX version will be going into peer review shortly, and we are hoping that goes well. We will update soon.
Friday, April 29 2011
The XBOX version has been progressing better than I thought it would, so I have started to dedicate some time to recording gameplay video. I hope to compile a game video that I can post in the near future.
Sunday, April 24 2011
I have spent the last week compiling and testing Denizen's Den on the XBOX 360. Things are progressing well, but there is a lot of work to do to ensure the game will meet all of Microsoft's requirements. It is really cool to see the game running on the XBOX!
Oh, Happy Easter as well.
Monday, April 11 2011
At this time we are currently busy play testing and bug fixing. This look pretty good, and my goal is to have the PC demo up and running by May 1.
Tuesday, April 5 2011
We finally have some music in the game! Thanks to rxcii for the tracks. Its a techno sound, which may not be retro, but is a lot of fun to play to. The art department has been cleaning up my work, check out this updated award card artwork. Thanks JD.
Monday, March 21 2011
Work continues on building the demo portion of the Denizen's Den game. Originally the demo was restricted to 3 levels. The new concept is to run the game with few restrictions for a 30 minute run time. Once the 30 minute run time has expired the game will still be playable, but with out the load/save functionality and for only 5 minutes at a time. We are hoping this will give everyone a better chance to see all of the wonders of the deeper depths of the dungeon. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.
Sadly, we are having trouble securing music at this time and will probably end up releasing the demo version without any sound tracks. I'm still hoping to have a solution to this by "Game time".
Saturday, March 19 2011
The team has been very busy lately. We finally have all of the "awards" built for the game, and a section to view all of your accomplishments in. We adopted the phrasing "awards" because "achievements" is not permitted because of XBOX rules. We also added more monsters, rings and other goodies. We are also hoping to enter in the "Dream; Build; Play" contest that is viewable on the XNA website. More info coming soon.
Sunday, February 13 2011
I can't believe it has been over 3 months since the last post on the news page here. I will be more diligent in the future. The game is progressing in leaps and bounds. A pop-up mini map has been added to the game, the game ending has been added with achievements and unlockable content as well. We have received a sample of a sound track for the game from Melania Valverde, her web site is here: Melimv Music. Make sure you go to the music section and listen to "Dungeons", that is for the game.