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Monday, October 15 2012
We are just about ready to put our first big update out for Denizen's Den! We have fixed a few things that were bugging us, but we added some new content for everyone to enjoy. (We hope) We've added some new bad guys, weapons and even a chance to do critical hits. It should be rolling out soon, and we'll post an update when it is ready. Until then, enjoy a screen shot of one of the new bad guys.
Friday, July 13 2012
Congrats to: Paula Krapf Hagerich, Doug Klein, James Cole, Tom Baudendistel and Robinson Neidhardt! They were our 5 lucky winners of the "Independence Day Giveaway on Facebook. Each one received a redemption code for a free copy of "Denizen's Den - The Black Knight" for the XBOX. You want to win too? No problem, just like us on Facebook.
Friday, May 18 2012
I finally started doing some real work on Dynamite Diamonds and I have the screen shot to prove it! I really like the way the in game score text came out. I'll post more soon, and there are even more on our Facebook page if you can't get enough.
Thursday, May 17 2012
Congratulations to Julie Rudinski, John Sweeney, Scott Tenlo Reynolds, Bill Malinovsky and Marcel Engelmann. They are the 5 winners of the Mother's Day Give-away on our Facebook page! You want to win cool stuff, too? Then check out our Facebook page and be sure to like us. It really is just that simple. Flattened Pixel on Facebook
Thursday, April 26 2012
Denizen's Den - The Black Knight is now available on the XBOX Marketplace! Be sure to check it out, and if you like it, its only 80msp. You can find it here: XBOX Marketplace
Tuesday, April 24 2012
If you haven't done it yet, check us out on Facebook! We are going to be giving away codes for Denizen's Den on Mother's Day, and all you have to do to enter is like our page. You can visit us at: Flattened Pixel on Facebook
Friday, April 6 2012
So Denizen's Den has been on XBOX Live for about 2 months now and it has done pretty well. We have decided that 400 points may be more than some will invest, so we are going to be releasing a shorter, stand-alone adventure called: Denizen's Den - The Black Knight. This will be offered for 80msp and we will have a page dedicated to that soon.
Sunday, March 4 2012
Denizen's Den is still going strong for the XBOX. We are close to having the on-line marketplace ready for the PC sales. We are sorry for the delay, and can't wait to get that rolling. Work continues on Dynamite Diamonds and the level editor has been completed. We have also started a stand alone Denizen's Adventure called: "Denizen's Den - The Black Knight". This will be offered as an entry into the 80msp gaming arena. We will have updates on all of these in the near future.
Monday, February 27 2012
Denizen's Den has been out for the XBOX for 1 week now. We have been thrilled with the number of people who have checked it out. We have received our first review, please check it out: gamerscore addicts We will be offering the PC version soon. The site that will be hosting the shopping cart is currently being updated, so we will post the links as soon as we can.
Monday, February 6 2012
Some exciting things are coming in the next month. We will be officially offering two versions of Denizen's Den for the PC! We will have a direct download version and a limited edition boxed version. We will limit production of the boxed version to 5000 copies. It looks pretty sweet (IMHO) and I'll have some images on here soon. We also have the XBOX version in review and hope to be able to offer all versions starting March 1st. Work continues on Dynamite Diamonds and the level editor it will be packaged with. Stay tuned...