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Friday, October 4 2013
Halloween is on its way! Our treat for you is the original Denizen's Den is now available for only $1.00 on the XBOX Indie Marketplace. Just jump on this link to check it out! XBOX Indie
Tuesday, July 16 2013
We have been working hard on "The Black Knight for Windows Phone and have some nice updates in "Dynamite Diamonds". Here is a screen shot showing the new dynamic background.
Saturday, April 27 2013
Denizen's Den: The Black Knight mobile is coming along and we are hoping to have the game available soon! Also, Dynamite Diamonds is getting polished up with sounds effects, new levels, and an updated HUD.
Saturday, March 22 2013
We are starting work on a new Denizen's Den game "The Wizard's Tower" which will give the player the choice of being a Male or Female. We are still discussing the random level design and monster behavior as we are in the very early stages of developement.
Wednesday, March 5 2013
Flattened Pixel is working hard to bring you new content for Denizen's Den on the XBOX. We are also finishing up our new port of The Black Knight to the Windows Phone, I'll update our images on the other pages so you can see the progress. Dynamite Diamonds has been a bigger hassle than I had hoped, but I've made good progress with the player input, and that was one of my biggest hurdles, so I'm hoping to make more progress now. More to come soon.