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Wednesday, January 28 2015
Here's a late happy new year to our fans out there. Hope the holiday season treated you well. We are slowly climbing back out of hibernation and I have some updates for everyone. Dynamite Diamonds is still coming along. Some visual and gameplay updates have been added. High Scores have been added and some other nifty updates. The Black Knight Mobile has been cleaned up and a Version will be uploaded to the marketplace soon. This game is available on Windows Mobile 7, 8 and 8.1 versions of the phone and it is still only 99! So please check it out and leave us some feedback. If you enjoy the game, please remember to leave a review. You can get it right here: Windows Mobile Marketplace
Monday, January 5 2015
Someone was nice enough to hack our email, so if you received email from our site, we apologize for the inconvenience.

We have corrected the issue on our side.

Also, we have updated the email page, so if you emailed us in the last few weeks you will need to send it again now that it is fixed.
Wednesday, November 11 2015
It would appear that we haven't posted any news in quite a while, so here is an update: We are nearing completion on our new project, "Super Paratrooper", which will be available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.